Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas and New Years

This was the best Christmas our little family have ever had! Mostly just because boo was old enough to really understand it. She got spoiled rotten and had the best time ever!!

 And the best part of Christmas was that my family got us all a trip to Disneyland for new years!
So we hit up the beach on New Years eve and got a little sun for our big day at Disney!!

We Had the best time EVER and got to meet all the characters Peight Loves!
I love my little family so so much and feel blessed to be married to my best friend. This is going to be a kick butt year for the little Bennett family and I can't wait to get it started.

That's right all of us girls rocked our matching Minnie sweaters we opened on Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So I know Octoberfest is like a real thing but in this case I am not refering to it's actual meaning but rather to the craziness that October has brought to our lives of the little Bennett Family.
October happens to have two of our favorite peoples birthdays in it!! Our little Ry bug turned 2 on october 4th and celebrated with a suoer fun day at the zoo. Peighter's was brave enough to take a camel ride with aunt Brookie!

Then it was time to get our creepy Halloween decorations on (which is my favorite thing to do) so we decked the halls...or whatever the Halloween equivalent to that is:)

Then come Auntie lala's birthday which is a week long event sponsored by everyone who happens to love her. There are about six different dinners at way expensive restaurant's and presents and cakes...all in all it is a lot of fun but you definitely wonder where all your money went at the end of "birthday week"

Then the time comes for the real festivities to begin the only time of year when you can dress your kid up like she is the star of toddlers and tiara's and get away with it! This year was Peighton's choice and all though you would think that since it was her choice she would or should be happy with it... the night started off with lots of crying about how itchy her dress was. But the day was quickly saved by the adding of a pink undershirt and all was right in the world again.

She thought this horse was Maximus from Tangled which just increased the Disney magic we were already feeling hahahaha

Watching her trick or treat was so so much fun! she loved it and was so excited that it was so easy to get candy!

It was at this point in the night while she was surrounded by all her sugary friends that she yelled "this was the best day ever!!"

Then we told her it was time to go to bed...and we were back where we started:)

Monday, September 12, 2011

summer wrap-up: part 1

This really was an amazing fun summer for our family! The california trip was amazing and we have the pictures to prove it! My baby loves the beach and spent hours just playing in the sand with her Dad and Nana (i prefer to lay out and watch from a distance;)) We spent a ton of time with my brother and his wife and my sissy and her now FIANCE!! We took late night trips to balboa for ice cream and ate tons of yummy sushi! And now I can officially say living there has not ruined Cali but only made it better! We were sad to have to leave and a part of us still wished we lived there but when we came back we got to move into our new house!!!! So we were not to sad (pictures coming in part 2)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

d-backs, harry potter and swimmin...

 We were just trying to prove that there was no botox here!! haha
(the bunny ears are brought to you by my sister in law! real mature kerr bear...hahahaha)

My friends some how talked me into going to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and seeing as how I never read the books I am not a die hard fan... but I am always down for an excuse to drink gallons of Dr Pepper, eat tons of candy and hang out with my girls into the wee hours of the morning! We had so much fun!

Swimming with Nana and papa is a daily occurrence at our house and something miss P is going to miss desperately when we move in a few weeks! She is a water baby and can"t get enough of the pool!

This happened to be the day that the power was out for like 8 hours so they were looking for flashlights incase it didn't get turned on my dark!